The Mekong Delta

From the heights of the Tibetan Plateau, the mighty Mekong flows through six countries, giving life and a home to millions of people. For this, it was once named “Mother of all rivers”. After a journey of 4.500 km (3.000 miles) it reaches the Pacific Ocean. Nine estuaries carry enormous amounts of silt to form one of the greatest (40.000 km2), ever growing deltas in the world – the mighty Mekong Delta.

Thousands of waterways form a labyrinth of major currents and secluded canals lined with lush vegetation, mangrove swamps and verdant rice fields. More than 17 million people live by the timeless rhythm of the river in small fishing villages and boats in the Mekong Delta. To witness the tastes and sounds of a floating market in the Mekong Delta at dawn can be the experience of a lifetime.

BBC team charters Mekong Eyes

BBC Climate Connections: In preparation for the Copenhagen Climate Conference, a team of reporters visited eight areas of the world to find out how people are preparing for climate change. BBC chartered the Mekong Eyes River Cruiser to report from the Mekong Delta.View the report on

The benign climate, an abundance of tropical fruits, sugarcane, coconuts and beautiful flowers and the casual, welcoming and generous mentality of the people make the Mekong Delta an exotic paradise for visitors from all parts of the world.

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