Mekong Eyes FAQ

Prices and conditions

F: How much is a trip with Mekong Eyes?

A: The tour prices vary depending on the chosen tour package and time of booking. We are happy to send you an individual tour offer – just give us a call, send us an e-mail or use the contact form on the website.

F: How can we transfer payments to you? Do you require a deposit for bookings?

A: Depending on your booking we do indeed require a small deposit for your reservation. You can pay either by bank transfer to our accounts in Vietnam or Germany, or by paypal or by credit card.


F: How long does the transfer take from Ho Chi Minh City to Cai Be and Can Tho?

A: The transfer to/from Cai Be takes approximately 2h (we pick you up from your hotel around 8.00 AM); from/to Can Tho approx. 4h (we pick you up from your hotel around 8.00 AM).

F: Can we arrange the transfer to Cai Be / Can Tho ourselves? Do we get a price reduction on the tour?

A: Yes of course, please inquire with us for reduced prices.

F: Can we book extension tours in Cai Be or Can Tho before or after the trip with Mekong Eyes? What tours are available?

A: Homestay and biking tours are both readily available in Can Tho and Cai Be. You can also extend your trip to Cambodia or the holiday island of Phu Quoc. Inquire with us for detailed itineraries and prices. For other extensions please contact us, we are happy to support you planning your tour.

F: Can you recommend hotels in Cai Be or Can Tho?

A: Can Tho has a good selection of hotels, ranging from family run guesthouse to 5-star Victoria hotel. Tell us your preference and we can help with the booking. In Cai Be we only recommend home stays.

F: Is it possible to organise a Sampan (small boat) trip in Can Tho or Cai Be to see the small canals?

A: Yes, of course. We are happy to organise an add-on Sampan trip either in Cai Be or in Can Tho. Programs are e.g. as follows:

  • From Can Tho: After the floating market, cruise on by sampan through Cai Son canal (about 30 minutes on the canal) to Ba Cong orchard, walk around for about 30 — 45 minutes. If the water is high enough take another sampan through Ba Bo canal, then return to the boat (or Can Tho) for lunch.
  • From Cai Be: After the floating market and the cakes/candy making workshops, take the sampan to the traditional house of Anh Kiet (15 minutes by sampan). Visit the traditional old house. Sampan trip to Tan Phong islet for some orchards and boat rowing around the islet (30 minutes on the rowing boat). Then return to Cai Be.

All sampan trips take around 2 — 3 hours.

F: Can we continue our trip from Cai Be or Can Tho further into the Mekong Delta, to the island of Phu Quoc or towards Cambodia?

A: Yes, that is possible. We can help you organise such extension tours, e.g.

  • Biking trips in the Delta
  • transport to other destinations such as Chau Doc (towards Cambodia), Rach Gia / Phu Quoc (ferry)
  • Day trips around Can Tho
  • Sam Mountain tour in Chau Doc
F: How is the weather in Mekong Delta? When is the best time to see it?

A: There are only 2 seasons in the Mekong Delta. Dry season lasts from October/November to April/May and the rest is rainy season. However, there is no problem to visit the Mekong Delta in the rainy season – typically the rain lasts for about an hour. The average temperature is around 28 °C.

F: How much money will we need on board?

A: Apart from drinks at the bar all expenses for the trip on board are covered in the fee.

F: We can not swim, is that a problem staying on board for 2 days?

A: It’s absolutely safe on board. The boat is totally stable on the very calm water. Lifejackets are available on board too.

F: What is the difference between experiencing the Mekong River by boat and by bus?

A: Life in the Mekong Delta is lived on the river and its canals. So a river cruise is definitely the best and most comfortable way to experience the delta. In bus tours you spend a lot of time in the bus while our cruises offer a maximum time on the water. You can sit back and enjoy the scenery in safe and comfortable surroundings.

F: Is Malaria a problem in the Mekong Delta?

A: To our knowledge there are rare incidents of Malaria in remote areas in the Mekong Delta. We haven’t heard of any Malaria incidents in the places where our cruises go. However, we are no doctors and therefore recommend to inquire with a doctor to be on the safe side.

F: Could we order special dishes? We have a special diet.

A: Our crew will be at your service to prepare special dishes to your requirements. Please inform us about your wishes when you book the tour.

F: Can we settle the bill on boat by credit card?

A: Yes you can. We accept cash or credit card (Visa and MasterCard) on board.

F: In case of emergencies, is there an evacuation plan?

A: There are roads and towns near our route. In case of an emergency, the ambulance service can be contacted by telephone and/or radio, and road access can be ensured on short notice.

F: Do I need a Visa for Vietnam?

Visa update for Vietnam – applies ONLY to citizen from France, Germany, Spain and the UK. 

We have great news for people form France, Germany, Spain and the UK. Starting from the 1st of July 2015 the Visa procedure has greatly changed and it will now be much easier to travel to Vietnam, visa free.
There are a couple of restrictions and things to consider, therefore we have put together a small overview of the new procedures: 

Duration of your stay: 15 days or less (Single entry)

No visa is needed for citizen from France, Germany, Spain and the UK. This applies only for a single entry visit of 15 days and only at the official borders.
Be aware: if you just quickly exit Vietnam and want to reenter again a day later, it counts as a multiple entry and you need a visa (see below)! At least 30 days must have past between exit and re-entry.

Duration of your stay: 15 days or less (multiple entry)

As well as

Duration of your stay: 16 to 30 days – single and multiple entry
Please check with your Vietnamese embassy, as the visa application procedures may vary.
For all German citizens please check here.