Mekong Tours - Our Mekong Delta Tour

We offer a wide variety of river cruise tours in the Mekong Delta  to the most famous floating markets – your Mekong tour from 1 day to 2 weeks. A central element of all our Mekong Delta tours are overnight trips with one of our luxurious wooden cruise boats.

In many cases the Mekong tours can be booked on either type of boat: Our spacious Mekong Eyes Explorer with its unique routing, our comfortable Mekong Eyes Classic, the more exclusive and private Dragon Eyes cruisers or our private Gecko Eyes house boats. You decide how you would like to experience your Mekong tour.

We have organised the river cruises in the following sections which refer to the routing of the Mekong tours.

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Take a look at our Tourmap. Here you can get an overview of all our tours