Exploratory trips throughout the south of the Mekong Delta

We are currently exploring the Mekong Delta for new Tours with the Gecko Eyes. Our explorations have even taken us to areas completely untapped by tourism. Currently we are in Ca Mau in the south of the Mekong Delta, here the Mekong landscape is still the original, with its giant meandering creeks — there is almost no traffic on the river. The area is known for its large nature reserves such as the U Minh forest and the mangrove forest along the coast. Word has come to us that there even are wild-crocodiles living in the area. Luckily for us we weren’t able to confirm this yet. The towns of Ca Mau and Rach Gia are known for its large fishing fleets departing for the South China or up to the Gulf of Thailand.
In Rach Gia the big Fischer boats «park» directly in the middle of the channels of the city, they anchor almost literally in front of the fishermen front door.