Special: Flower and new years trip to Sa Dec in January 2012

The Vietnamese people will celebrate their New Year and the start of the year of the dragon from 20th of January onwards. Tet Nguyen or Tet is the most important public holiday in Vietnam and also the beginning of spring. People celebrate this occasion over 3 days and festivities start on the first day of the new moon year, but the preparations usually start weeks or months before: people pay their outstanding debts, clean and tidy their houses, decorate everything with flowers, buy new clothes, cook traditional foods and organise family get togethers.

Especially in Sa Dec heaps of flowers are grown for the Southern part of Vietnam. Even in colonial times Sa Dec was known as the “Garden of Cochin-China.” Especially during the two weeks before the Tet festival — many Vietnamese come from Saigon to Sa Dec to go shopping. For this occasion we are offering a special tour to Sa Dec and a flower village to see the beautiful and very colourful flowers.

2-day special flower tour to Sa Dec (Dragon Eyes)

Roundtrip from Saigon via Cai Be to Sa Dec
Experience an unforgettable journey on board our luxurious Dragon Eyes and visit the colonial town of Sa Dec. Sa Dec was the original setting of the autobiographical novel “The Lover” by Marguerite Duras. This romantic and charming little town still isn’t very touristy and a true hidden gem in the Mekong delta. Enjoy the fantastic scenery of the Mekong delta and visit the colourful flower gardens.

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